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Hannah and Kevin

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Our Story

If you’re reading this story, then you probably know that our love tale is an unconventional one! We first met in high school when our friend groups became virtually inseparable during senior year. After going our separate ways for college, the grand plan for reuniting all our high school friends to live together in a Denver mansion didn’t exactly pan out. Soooo, against our parents’ advice, we decided on moving in together as roommates just the two of us. Six months later, we both realized we could not only tolerate one another but that maybe we actually liked each other. One thing led to another, the roommate title was replaced, and seven years later here we are! Though the current circumstances of the world aren’t allowing us to celebrate our love story with all of you, we are so appreciative for each of your love and support throughout our relationship. And stay tuned, because this story is just beginning!